Yemen in need of your help

The people of Yemen need your help!

The people of Yemen have been subjected to ongoing war, famine and cholera. In addition, they have struggled with the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak.
And to make matters worse, the global pandemic has reduced aid funding for Yemen. For example, the UN donors conference held last summer fell by $ 1 billion below its $ 2.41 billion target as donor nations economies struggle. The 2020 humanitarian action plan for Yemen received only $ 1.9 billion of the $ 3.4 billion required, the UN said. This underfunding led the UN and other aid agencies to reduce or close various aid programs in Yemen.

Despite everything that is happening, our commitment is growing continuously and we strive to develop the organizational structure to reach the Yemeni people more effectively. Our goal in 2021 is to meet the increased need in the country by doing more. Our forecast is to support over 13 projects in the areas:





We need your support and here is how you can help:

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Every bit of your effort helps to bring restoration and hope to our beloved Yemen.

Thank you for caring for Yemen!

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