A family was in need & you provided hope in a practical way

Fatima was displaced with her children because of the war. She is responsible for her family despite her poor health after suffering a stroke. The ITDC team when visiting her noticed she had difficulty speaking and could not move her right hand or left leg. Consequently, she could not obtain any source of income. Her son said, “I’m working for a daily wage, although not regularly because of the war, but my income is not more than 1,500 YER per day.” [approx. $2.5 USD]


Their situation forced the family to borrow, reduce their purchase of medication as well as remove the children from school. Fatima said, “ITDC is the only organization that came to our house and verified our needs.” The ITDC team noticed she was surprised by the credibility of the organization and its team. Her son added, “Thank you for delivering the food basket. This month I will be able to provide three necessary medications for my mother by using the money that would have been spent on food purchases”.

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